Putting the Finishing Touches On Your Grant Application


Ok great, you’ve now got everything you need to put the application together and
mail it in. To make you feel even better, not a lot of people actually get this far
and go through with making an application that has a real chance of getting
you a grant.
You’ve figured out that you need a grant, not a loan or an entitlement. You’ve
done your research on your state’s grant situation, who’s giving grants and what
for. You’ve narrowed down the grant possibilities to one that really appeals to
You’ve written a project summary, a project budget and a project tracking
strategy. Now, let’s put it all together.
So get that grant application and fill it out completely (do your best not to leave
anything blank). When you leave a blank, some staff member at the department
you are applying to has to figure out what goes in there, or even worse, puts your
application back in the mail to tell you to fill in the missing information. Needless
to say, this hurts your chances of getting the grant you want.
And always be sure to keep the people who review your application happy, do
exactly what they ask of you and make sure your application is as clear as it
possibly can be (it is usually better to type it up rather than hand write it).
You should have an application form, a project summary, a project budget, a
project tracking strategy and any supporting material you have decided to add
(course outline or video, for example)
Some states will have other forms you need to fill out when applying. They are
always either on the Internet site or in the package you get in the mail from the
department. Make sure you fill out and return every required form.
Be sure to mail in your application in well before the grant deadline passes, that
way you will have plenty of time for it to get the OK. It’s a god idea to send your
application packs by registered mail, so you get a receipt that they actually got it.
Make sure to take a look over everything, to be sure it is 100% completed and has
no spelling mistakes. Make yourself at least 6 copies of the entire package! And
send the whole thing in (or drop it off if you can)
Ok, now that was one major step to the whole process. Let’s go on to the next