Where to get Federal Entitlements


Before you go on, take a look at the Federal Poverty Guidelines in the previous
section. Figure 150% of those incomes. Because If your family income is less than
or even $1000 above those guidelines, you just may be qualified for a lot of
entitlements (which is obviously good news)
But If your income is greatly higher than the guidelines, you can pretty much skip
this whole section of the guide.
If it looks like you fall into the guidelines, go to

You will find an exhaustive list of entitlements/benefits on that website. Click
around and research any that may apply to you. The qualifications are all there
and you can see for yourself if you qualify or not. You can also read about the
program and see if it will give you the help you are looking for.
You can also go to: http://www.govbenefits.gov/index.jsp
On that page, you are given two choices to search. The one on the left let’s you
answer questions and then the program will find benefits that fit your answers.
The one on the right just lets you search without answering any questions. It’s
your choice. Both will give you great results.
Another (the best) resource for entitlements/benefits is your local Department of
Health and Human Resources. Nearly every county in the nation has one. Call
them and make an appointment. They are there to help you and do an excellent
job at it.
Entitlements are not for everyone and con not serve every purpose. Do some
research and see if they fit your needs. If they do, jump in and get started. The
programs work! If they don’t fit your needs just keep reading, you will find
something that fits your needs.