What is entitlement grant?

unemployment benefit

Now, let’s move onto something called Entitlements:
Entitlements are in many ways like benefits. Entitlements are simply programs
that, if you qualify, will pay you money or provide services for you. Some
examples of entitlements are:
o Social Security
o Medicare
o Unemployment
o Worker’s Compensation

So what’s so great about entitlements? Well, first of all they are money that is
granted to you which you will not have to pay back, and second: there are a TON
of them! In fact, you might even already qualify for several of them and not even
know about it (I will help you find out).
Right now, you might be entitled to free winterization of your home, free
mechanical upgrades for your car or even free help with your utilities.
Entitlements are there for everyone in the United States. You just have to know
where to look for them and what it takes to qualify for them. There will be a
whole section on entitlements later on in this website {refer to Entitlement
Grant Section], but for now just know that entitlements are benefits
that you may be qualified to receive AND
That there are a LOT of them.